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I am uniquely tied to the land in Johnston County, NC. As a 6th Generation Johnston County Native (frankly my family probably has ties that go back further than that!) I know the back roads that cross this county, like the back of my hand!

I also know what what areas in Clayton, Smithfield and Garner have traditionally been the most sought after, what areas are prone to flooding (even if it’s not on a flood plain map), what Builder’s “do it right,” and the history of the local schools.

In the 8 years I’ve been in Real Estate in Joco, I’ve sold $20,000 homes (with an acre of land) and I’ve sold $750,000 homes. We have it all here! I have served on the Johnston County Board of Realtors for 4 years, and am currently the President Elect for the Board.

You’ll find me riding through downtown Benson on a Golf Cart, with my family at a Ball Game, taking pictures of my listings or volunteering with Able to Serve.

Known for internet and social networking prowess, I’ve been told that my fans include fellow agents and clients who appreciate my “call it like it is” business style, that cuts to the chase. I am helpful by nature, and I love helping and sharing my unique knowledge base and expertise with fellow agents through the Board of Realtors here in Johnston County.

My family is the “Outdoors” type. Because of that, I specialize in both Small Town Living (we really do ride through downtown Benson in Golf Carts) and in finding farms, equestrian facilities, hunting properties, or even just that private little cottage with an unobstructed view of the Carolina Blue Sky. In Johnston County you can be in a “traditional neighborhood” and then 3 minutes later you can be in a home where you wake to the sound of a Rooster!

Surf and Turf! I love the Beach!

Surf and Turf? Well that’s how I think of my life! I love, love, love the land and the friends and the people of Johnston County – and most of the time, I’m so darn busy with my Real Estate Business, I can’t take a break… but when I can, I’ve always headed to the Coast!

We are lucky here in Johnston County that we are only 1:45 from our door to Topsail and Surf City! Because I’m constantly raving about the beach with our friends and family – some of THEM have started asking me to help with their purchase of property at Topsail and Surf City! I’ve joined that Board of Realtors, as well and I’m a member of their MLS. So, if you see a Beach House in your future, give me a call, I can be packed and ready to go in about 15 minutes!

I use to tell people that I have Saltwater running in my viens – and they’d laugh… but now that more and more of our friends are enjoying the Beach Life and buying retirement homes there, they know it’s true! I have a different set of eyes that I use for Beach Property when it comes to location – and I am looking at the “rent-ability” of the property, so that in the worst of times, there’s a back-up plan… it can always be rented.

Here are some tips for folks who are ready to buy a house at Topsail Beach!
First, look at the “Rent-ability” of the property, and decide what part of the Island you like best. Have a boat? You might be more interested in ICW. Love the idea of being at a Condo with all of the Amenities – then you’re more likely looking at the Northern End of the beach!

Set up a budget and let me help you research what it can buy you. We will include costs such as flood and homeowners insurance and hiring a maintenance person. Depending on the rental market, you might be able to lease your vacation house as much as 75 percent of the time, but don’t count on fully covering your mortgage and upkeep costs with rental.

Decide between beachfront and interior (2nd row) beach houses. Beachfront houses are more expensive and appreciate more quickly in a developing market, but that also means that your money won’t get you as much on the beach as it will a few rows back.

Have the house professionally inspected before you buy. I always recommend that buyers have a home inspection done weather you are at the Beach, or Inland. But remember – you are PAYING this person to find PROBLEMS with the house. Don’t EVER expect a “clean” no problem report on an Existing Home.

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